5 Steps to Getting Started with SCRAM Monitoring

New to alcohol and location monitoring with SCRAM Systems?
Here is some information to help you get started on your monitoring program:


Find a SCRAM Systems Authorized Service Provider

Sometimes a court or agency will have their own staff install and manage your SCRAM Systems monitoring. But often, they will refer you to an outside company, called a Service Provider, which will install, manage, and provide reports on your monitoring to the referring agency.

Either the court or agency will give you the information for a specific Service Provider in your area, or you can use our Find a SCRAM Location search tool to find providers in your area. If your court or agency has referred you to a specific Service Provider, be sure to locate that provider by calling (800 )464-5917 or fax a copy of the court order to (866) 929-1016.


Schedule Your Installation/Set-Up Appointment

Once you are sentenced and referred for monitoring, promptly call the appropriate SCRAM Systems Authorized Service Provider. When you set your appointment, be sure to check on what technology requirement there may be for the SCRAM Systems product you’ve been ordered to use (i.e., home phone line, Internet service, electricity, etc.).


Review Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to review our Frequently Asked Questions for the monitoring system you are required to use. These documents will answer your questions, clarify inaccurate information you may find on the Internet, and help you prepare a list of questions and concerns for your installation appointment.


Your Installation Appointment

Please allow a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes for your set-up and/or installation. Bring copies of your court/agency paperwork and photo identification, as well as anything else you may have been told to bring when you set your appointment. Also, prepare a list of questions or concerns you may have so that you can get all of those answered during your appointment.


Sign the Participant Agreement

Your assigned agent will go through the Participant Agreement and, depending on the product you’re using, there may also be a Participant Agreement Video that your agent will ask you to watch.

You will be required to sign and comply with the Participant Agreement. Please read through the entire agreement and be sure to ask any questions you may have.