Locked up in SC. Called these guys and they put the GPS monitor on so I could work while driving my truck to California and back. Professional and nice to deal with. Highly recommend to anyone.


22nd December 2020

We were satisfied with the company and recommend them to others as needed.

Malik B

5th December 2020

me ayudó con el alcohol, tenía una mujer española López. Yo recomendaría a los españoles, buena compañía, buen programa.

Jose Agular

28th November 2020

Very positive experience during a trying time for our daughter. We hired this company to work with our daughter’s counsel. They helped tremendously and all involved were satisfied.

Phil Egerton

28th November 2020

Thanks CAM!

Rex P

21st November 2020

Too bad this is not available to every person who has problems with booze.
Put simply it works. I do not know how but it just works.

Carol Salmon

15th September 2020

The office took much time with me. Kind people. They really acted as if they cared about my problem. A first for me.

Leslie J.

15th September 2020

I have a good experience with this program but unfortunately the wrong attorney. When I fired the attorney I retained these people. They continued to help with reports and I was pleased with them and my new attorney.
This was a really good program. I highly recommend them.


5th September 2020

Work good for husband. They have interpretation for us when we need service.
Nice people and they understand us.

Erika Nunez

25th August 2020

Thank you for helping me find the end of this fiasco. Equipment worked as described. The staff was prompt and courteous. Your company helped me with my court date and with court reporting.

All is finished! I have my license and I can drive to work. And I learned not to drink and drive.

Billy G

15th August 2020

Their customer service representative was very nice. I called several times after hours and they addressed my concern. Nice people who seem to understand sobriety issues. They worked with my schedule and helped my attorney with reporting to the court. When the court ordered drug testing they also provided that as well. Needless to say I was very satisfied with the service I received.


11th July 2020

My boyfriend cheated on me and had me arrested when I returned to our apartment. He claimed domestic criminal trespass when I used my key to get my clothes, insulin and other belongings. The judge required I wear a GPS from this company. They were kind and professional. All of my questions were addressed as they explained the process.


2nd July 2020

We used scram systems GPS for our daughter in her custody battle. Her ex claimed she was stalking him. The GPS proved she was no where near him and the court ruled in her favor.
The office we used knew their job and took considerable time providing us reports to give to the judge. It worked!


1st July 2020

My Attorney recommended I use this company.
I was able to work and stay with my family on a curfew basis.
They helped a lot with my case. Great teamwork.

Russell Little

30th June 2020

Worked as shown. Very satisfied.


20th June 2020

I saw these guys on tv and a year later used them for a relative. The program should be used much more. It was effective for my nephew. While he was on he did not use alcohol. I think the judge had him on for 2 years. But after he was off he lost the taste for alcohol and realized he could do without it. It worked for Tony. Sadly he was killed by a drunk driver a year after he completed the program. I learned yesterday that person is now required to enter the same program.
But my nephew did have a chance to get back with his daughter and reconcile with his family. He gave his life to God and started back working. I give this company and their program the credit for much of this.
Life has its ironies.

Jim Wygand

16th May 2020

I was satisfied with their services.

Phillip Butler

12th May 2020

Got my paper showing that I can live without a bottle.
Took 120 days to prove it.
The company I used was thoughtful and professional.
Thank you cam for taking my case and helping me show the court I am responsible and not beaten by booze.

Sarah McCormick

10th May 2020

The Greensboro cam office helped with a device for me. They came same day and allowed me to pay as I could afford. Being out of work with corona has been hard. Good people who I like to deal with.


4th May 2020

The cam Virginia Office helped several of our DWI cases.
Easy to work with. On time and very professional. The court was impressed as well. Thank you Mr. Carteret for helping with testimony. Judge Cavedo was better able to understand the process and felt more comfortable with the new equipment. Again thank you and your team.

Rachel Hollingsworth

30th April 2020

I am pleased to recommend Cam of North Carolina. Their scram monitor performed as it should. I completed their program and received my walking papers. All is well life is good. Cam is great!


27th April 2020

They made me feel like they cared about my sobriety. That said it all for me.

Ben J.

24th April 2020

My review is spot on. Good company that worked with me and my PO.


23rd April 2020

Worked as advertised.


20th April 2020


Andrea n

18th April 2020

Scram device is awesome. I have my dad back!


16th April 2020

This unbelievably worked.
For the first time in 10 years I have not fallen off the wagon. It helped knowing that someone was with me every step of the way.
Miraculous little device.


14th April 2020

No problem with alcohol but ordered on this leg tag. The people who put it on were polite and I made the most of it. It was not that bad when all said and done. Court found out what I know that I am not a drunk. Ex wife should be required to wear one for lying to judge.


13th April 2020

Very helpful to us in a bad time.
I would recommend CAM to anyone else facing jail for sobriety issues.

Brody White

12th April 2020

We found the Whiteville office for our granddaughter.
These people were everything the attorney said.
Our judge was pleased and this was straightforward.
120 days on and no alcohol.


4th April 2020

Called the 800 number for cam after my attorney told me he could get a better plea....and I could get shared with my children. A lady came out dressed like a robot. She was in plastic and had a respirator. Crazy. She was nice and checked my temperature with a red dot device before coming near me. Wild. She was in and out in 15 minutes. Simple to follow and easy to understand.

Kaitlyn B

3rd April 2020

I was sick with a cold and needed the device as ordered by court.
No one would come near me.
Cam agreed to send someone out as long as I had showered and wore a mask and gloves.
The person who came out was dressed in an environmental suit! He was covered from his head to his toes but I got hooked up. Thank you for your professional but cautious service!

Jim M.

21st March 2020

I called and spoke with Mark. He took a lot of time with me. My issues are sad and basically involve a custody matter. The lawyers are using my child and my past to take advantage of me and my ex. My ex cannot see it. His hate for me blinds his way. But nonetheless I hit Mark with 30 questions. He advised me, first to listen to my attorney, and explained the various types of equipment. He was professional and has a clear understanding of the equipment he sells as well as the court process.


18th March 2020

Caring people who help you when you are down.
I received a1 service and was able to prove wine and beer didn’t define who I am.
Thank God and the court that these people exist.
My husband is pleased as are my 5 babies.
I am so happy my 120 days was serviced at home.
May the Lord richly bless Nick and Julia and Judge Talley.


16th March 2020

My install person was a retired judge. Nice guy.
He showed me a presentation and answered my questions.
The process is simple but effective and expensive. It allowed me to avoid detention and keep my license. How do you value that?
I am sober and will never drink and drive again.


12th March 2020

Installed same day.
Came to court with me.
Provided a-1 service.
Lawyer was impressed and judge was too.
Satisfied with CAM.

Dewayne Scott

12th March 2020

I did not think this would work. But it did.
I made a mistake and these people offered help. For that I am grateful.
If you have sobriety problems give them a call.


11th March 2020

Finally Free!!!

Jeff LT

9th March 2020

I was very impressed with the CAM folks. They were highly professional and sincere. The alcohol monitor allowed me to work and see my kids. That is all I cared for.


7th March 2020

Used their service to help my dad. It worked.
He did not drink for the first time in 20 years and actually got enough courage to stop entirely. Thank God.


6th March 2020

Only regret is I did not learn about the cam company sooner. Nice people who seem to care. Uncomfortable ankle tool but I only wore it for 90 days. Judge gave me my license back and credit for time I wore ankle tool. This was my second DWI. No more I am through.

Paula Thompson

22nd February 2020

Satisfied from me who has had a problem. This and counseling helps me stay sober.


21st February 2020

The device they offered helped. Alcohol is no longer in our family wagon.

Les G. Patterson

19th February 2020

Came out same day we called. They explained the program and provided excellent followup. Would recommend them in New Hanover County.

Anna Morgan

13th February 2020

As shown it worked.
Impressed with the cam and my case worker.

R Hall

10th February 2020

Staff is amazing and informative

Daniel Hedgpeth

29th January 2020

Thank you for the prompt service.
I begrudgingly had the device installed by a nice lady. It is what the judge ordered.
It was not as bad as I feared and I complied and was free from jail.
Nice people who are really good at what they are doing.


29th January 2020

If I had known about this program in 2010 I would be better off today.
While I cannot say I am cured from this disease I will say that I am off of alcohol for 6 months. That’s 6 months longer than I have been able to achieve for nearly 10 years. It feels great. The people working with me are wonderful at what they do. And they listened to everything I had to say. I am humbled. I am thankful.

B. Walden

26th January 2020

It works!


19th January 2020

Good review from here from a very pleased client.

Lamar H.

4th January 2020

Hope for you when all else has failed.

Michael W

4th January 2020

I signed up for this service at the request of the court. When my court date came around my car would not start. I called my case worker and she picked me up and took me to court. She refused to take money for gas. While at court my attorney told the judge what the caseworker had done. He called her to the front and thanked her. His words were that too bad there were not more people like her.
The service which followed was pretty much the same, caring and compassionate while professional. I am 6 months off alcohol now thanks to them. That has been my longest so far. Just found out I am pregnant. That is also a good reason for me to be sober for the next 6 months.

Reba W.

30th September 2019

Worth looking into if you have sobriety issues. The equipment worked for me. Talented staff who are understanding.

Reginald Baldwin

21st September 2019

Really impressive company that seems to care about helping with your stressful situation. I recommend Cam for those who need sobriety counseling and who are in need of monitoring. Their kind work allowed me to be with my children and while avoiding jail. Hopefully I can now start to rebuild my life. I could not have done any of this without these people.

Mathias Laskowycz

17th March 2019

This equipment allowed me to stay out of jail. After I proved I could leave the bottle alone it also helped me get a limited driving privilege. Because of CAM I have a job and my life is back to normal.

Amanda King

8th February 2019

Top service for me. I found them to do all that the court required. And they were professional and courteous.


8th February 2019

I live in Wilmington and was placed on the alcohol monitor by the court. My attorneys had me contact CAM. They helped me with my court date and the installation. It was painless and worked as shown on the website. I would recommend CAM to other persons who find themselves at odds with alcohol and the system. They?re really good professionals who offer excellent service. Satisfied client.

Patrick Maultsby

24th January 2019

I am a trucker and I was required to use their product. The GPS product works well and allowed me to go from home in South Carolina to California and back. Otherwise I would have had to remain in jail.
They worked with the court and my attorney and became my best witness when the alleged victim ex wife claimed I stalked her. I did not and their equipment proved I was innocent. I was acquitted.
Thank God for the court and these people.

Stewart Griffin

22nd January 2019

This is an easy company to work with. The device they offer works as they state. I was very pleased.

Rick Jessup

22nd January 2019

Satisfied with the active GPS they provided.
Service met or exceeded our expectations.

Bonnie Reba

27th December 2018

Our firm has known this company?s management team for many years. We have used the alternatives they offer to incarceration for our clients. Some courts rely solely on their devices for a release mechanism. Others use their GPS or alcohol device to enhance a secured bond, in addition to a secured bond and during bond reduction proceedings.
We have found them to be very professional and prompt in their dealings with us and our clients.
They are very knowledgeable of the court process and the many public safety products they offer the courts.

Thomas White

26th December 2018

Just like it was described.
We used a GPS they provide to have our son?s bond lowered. Three weeks later the judge ordered him on their alcohol monitor.
They helped us through much of what seemed like a nightmare.
The lawyer was pleased with them and the judge seemed to put much value in their report. Not a perfect time in our family?s life but CAM was close enough to perfect for us.

Lilie Jane

2nd December 2018

We used their GPS in South Carolina. Our daughter was involved in a domestic violence matter and the solicitor required the ex husband to wear a GPS.
Their price was half of what the others wanted. And we found out their GPS was different, offering a longer battery and more track points. The CAM case worker kept us updated to the ex?s whereabouts. They even placed a safety zone around our daughter and provided her a mobile tracking device. This is a good company that seems to care about clients. I highly recommend their services to anyone involved in a matter of dv.

Richard Hubble

5th November 2018

They have a neat quality control system. They called me twice to make sure I was satisfied and even sent me a form to rate their service. The tech was late 20 minutes because of an accident. Ironically the accident involved my neighbor.
However they insisted on refunding the install fee.
My attorney was impressed as was I.

Nathan Ball

3rd October 2018

Fast, on time and as described.

Melissa Zebulon

1st October 2018

Satisfied, on time and as described.

Barbara Battle

29th September 2018

We?ve used their active GPS on many occasions.
What is convenient is they offer Nationwide service in 24 hours. The technicians they provide are highly skilled professionals. The 24-hour support center they offer is everything they promote.
I give 5 stars and a strong recommendation to anyone in need of the areas of governmental services they offer.

April Harper

28th September 2018

They do a top notch job working with DPS cases.

Hannah Rowland

24th September 2018

Simply an amazing little device.
I now have a license and my job back.
There is life beyond alcohol thanks to Cam.

Laura Ellis

22nd September 2018

I learned why my attorney claimed these guys wrote the book on offender monitoring. They are 110 percent without a doubt good at what they do. I love you guys. Thanks a million.

Ray Michaels

22nd July 2018

The least I can do is offer my comments.
I am very pleased with the level of service I received from Continuous Alcohol Monitoring. The report they gave my attorney helped me.
When I ran a little short on my bills the CEO paid the remainder of my fee out of his pocket. That tells me all I need to know about the company.

Bobby Jordan

11th July 2018

Really good people that run this company. Their staff goes out of their way to help you. The device they offer does what it should.

Alison Ray

10th July 2018

Company came with great references and I now get to leave mine. The GPS and alcohol device works as described. This is technology that should be used much more and is quickly catching on in the courts.
They offer a well-seasoned technical team also.

Sheriff Blane

10th July 2018

The best in their field. Our counseling program has dealt with Mark Cartret?s companies for many years. The DWI Solution Company offers the best service, hands down. I highly recommend CAM to anyone in need of drug testing equipment, alcohol monitoring and any other type of offender monitoring. They are #1 in government services.

James Morgan

9th July 2018

On time and as advertised.
Professional company.

Marc Wright

9th July 2018

The founders of this company have been successful in offering a wide array of tools that help individuals and programs. From offender monitoring to drug testing they provide technology which they support and stand behind. Their staff are highly trained professionals that will do whatever it takes to help others.

Barbara Jordan

23rd June 2018

Work well with Pretrial programs. We ran short on our supply of GPS provided by another manufacturer and called this company. Came out immediately and provided a good solid GPS unit. They actually left us 10 spare units with no shelf charge. Price was very competitive as well.

Ernest Hill

29th May 2018

I am a satisfied customer having used the company for a relative. They worked with our Sheriff who had ran out of GPS units. He stated he was more impressed with CAM?s unit than the one his department was using.
I give CAM and its employees 5 Stars.

Michael Rowland

22nd May 2018

Very professional service. Lisa came out the same day and worked with me, my attorney and the court.
The equipment is amazing and the company is extraordinary. I was able to text questions to them and they held my hand from start to finish.

Carmen Stephens

21st May 2018

I am a PO working with DPS.
For the past 20 years I have worked with a variety of companies through managing cases. Prior to working with DPS I worked for a county sheriff. Since I began working with cases through Continuous Alcohol Monitoring LLC I must say that this company is different. Calls are answered immediately and or returned after hours. They follow up through text and email. And they clearly have significant knowledge of their equipment and the court process. I have worked with some good companies and consider them among the top.

Jan Brewer

17th May 2018

Good company.
Excellent service.

Katie Mills

17th May 2018

They sell a wonderfully expensive piece of jewelry.
And it works precisely as they claim.

Todd Walker

14th May 2018

Pretty much the same story as everyone else. I am very impressed. Worked with my attorney to assess that I could maintain a normal lifestyle around my child. Funny thing is they caught a court date my attorney missed and saved me and him. They freely track your case from start to finish.

Ernest Harris

14th May 2018

They do exactly as they say and take a lot of time with you. The alcohol monitor helped tremendously and we are satisfied. Good people to work with. Reasonable price.

Julie Walters

14th May 2018

Used their GPS unit and later their Alcohol device. Each time their service was impeccable. They explained the process better than my lawyer and tracked my court case as well. The Court really values their reports. As described and highly recommended by the Court and me.

Max Thompson

11th May 2018

I am driving now that I decided to try the program. It was a learning experience for me that some friends thought I could not accomplish. I did. And I give CAM LLC the credit and the courts for believing in me. Miracle device the CAM unit.

Jason Marshburn

8th May 2018

What can I say but ?good job.?
From a well satisfied recovering alcoholic that has a license and wife thanks to these people.

Author Hill

5th May 2018

The best service from reputable people. I used another company in the past and was not satisfied. These guys are a true manufacturer representative. The report they provided had my Judge satisfied. That is all I know. Lawyer said to use no one else but CAM. Hope I never have to ?again? but it will be CAM if I do. 200 days sober!

George Patrick

10th April 2018

Wonderful people offering a miraculous device. They held our hand throughout the court process and helped our family overcome an addiction. Very pleased. The product works as described. The company is awesome.

Lisa Campos

4th April 2018

Great job!
As described and professional.

Bill Simmons

23rd February 2018

Professional company with experienced staff.

Hal Collins

23rd February 2018

Our daughter was made safer by their GPS which kept her alerted to her ex?s whereabouts pending a domestic violence trial. Thank you guys.

William Fowler

31st January 2018

Saved my hide with their GPS which proved I was no stalker. Judge recommended them and they worked well with my attorney. Extremely fast service and they came out to my home. Installation took 5 minutes and they were gone. All who wear GPS are not criminals. My case proves it. Would definitely use them again.

Melissa Jones

25th January 2018

Came out same day we called and helped our friend.
We found their service to be as described and they come to you. That was a plus.
The installation took less than 5 minutes and they explained the process to our satisfaction. Also you can text their tech department 24 hours with any question. Professionals. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their service.

Lisa Jordan

23rd January 2018

A really good company. Service excellent. Price great.
And they do as they say. On time and fast.

Loni Proctor

19th January 2018